Right, so here are the guidelines:

  • I've worked on a beat and named it iBrokeTheBeat01 Gary Hiebner
  • Now I'm going to send it on to another Producer 
  • Producer 2 will work on it for 30 minutes or so (the aim is not to spend too long on the beat)
  • Producer 2 then renames his file iBrokeTheBeat02 insert your name
  • The number '02' is important so that we can track how far along we are in our chain of 200
  • Producer 2 then emails it to Producer 3
  • Then Producer 2 can drop their sound onto the Soundcloud Dropbox below so that it is added to the Soundcloud Group.

  • Send us your sounds
And so, on, and so......

What else?
You can use whatever audio software you want, and manipulate and process it in anyway you like - just make sure you add your own personal signature to it. 

As I said, this is a social experiment that I hope it'll spark an interest in whoever is involved. So let's go! Keep revisiting this site to see the progress. I’ll keep you updated with email updates, and here’s to getting to 100 producers with one beat!

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